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Centro Oculistico San Lorenzo

In the heart of Palermo

Quality and experience accessible for everybody.
Take advantage of the convenience!
Why choosing Centro Oculistico San Lorenzo?
8 good reasons

Everything available in one Center: Exams, diagnostics, surgery

We offer our patients a FREE Second Opinion service

A High Tech, Low Cost Center

Our specialists follow standardized diagnosis and surgery protocols according to the industry International Guidelines.

Very short waiting times

Our physicians are always available and can be contacted via personal email

You will always find a smile, kindness and a nice, well maintained space

It is located in one of the most beautiful cities in Italy, Palermo
Olga Ardini - 03/09/2019
I appreciated the professionality, skills and reliability both of the medical staff and the administrative staff. Thank you
Marco Misuraca - 25/08/2019
The entire staff is helpful, kind, professional. Young and well maintained environment. Last generation equipment for all the tests for the right diagnosis. It’s the perfect clinic for the treatment and prevention of eye disorders.
Serena Costanzo - 13/08/2019
Reference point for my child. He’s happy to go for the exams, also because of the children area. Professional, nice and well maintained environment and everybody is very kind. Thank you especially to Dr. Lo Giudice
Maria Franca Scaglione - 25/07/2019
Outstanding center. Very professional, courteous and welcoming.  Accurate and thorough exam. The physician was available even after the exam to answer any questions by email. I think it’s a reliable center. I recommend it.
Giovanni - 19/06/2019
Professional, warm and accurate. The patient receives all the time needed and the Doctor fully answered all of my questions. I recommend this center without hesitation.
Amedeo Taormina - 14/06/2019
Great center, warm and professional staff, friendly environment, skilled and accurate doctors, cutting edge equipment.
Ile Pardo - 15/05/2019
Very professional and skilled. The exam was great and very specific. The environment is kind and polite.
Marco Capasso - 16/01/2019
Nice and clean environment, with a children area, the clinic is cutting edge, the staff is young, professional and accurate, from the receptionist, quick and extremely nice, to the doctors, all skilled professionals, clear in their explanations. I recommend it with no hesitation. Excellent.
Angelo Izzo - 09/01/2019
Highly recommended center. Great prices compared to the local average...but especially highly qualified, kind and very professional staff.
Vincenzo Del Vasto - 04/01/2019
Very professional and uncommonly kind staff.
Luna Ingrassia - 06/09/2018
I lived in London. The last idea I had of an eye exam here in the south was very different from my experience at the Center. I found it very organized, well set up. The exam was very thorough, and what I really appreciated was the doctor’s availability in explaining...
Carmen Pizzo - 31/08/2018
Comfortable and relaxing environment, very professional and low cost for the eye exam..... I highly recommend it …..
Angela Torretta - 29/08/2018
Home eye exam with portable equipment (I think last generation). I recommend it.
Eugenio Gatto - 28/08/2018
I went to Centro oculistico San Lorenzo, this time as a patient and not as a supplier. I RECOMMEND IT. Great care from the reception to the medical exam. Everything is carefully maintained, efficiently and professionally managed....
Marianna Mannino - 09/08/2018
Extremely positive experience, facilities well maintained with attention to details. Competent, very professional staff. I recommend it also for the children who feel immediately comfortable.
Letizia Costa - 09/08/2018
Centro davvero eccezionale, ho trovato la massima professionalità e cortesia. Lo consiglio a tutti.
Carmela Puleo - 16/02/2018
Careful and thorough exam. I had a wonderful experience! I highly recommend it!
Gianluca Gugliotta - 16/11/2017
Outstanding center, very professional and kind
Tatiana Tavolo - 13/10/2017
Kind, professional and polite staff, warm also for the children. CLEAN AND SANITARY (often neglected qualities). Congratulations to the staff.
Gianfranco Gandolfo - 27/09/2017
Excellent and professional.
Francesco Emanuela - 05/07/2019
Great center. I absolutely recommend it..!! High quality work, very kind and skilled..!! See you next time
Tony Palazzolo - 13/07/2019
Outstanding eyecare center, the staff takes great care of the patients, a special note for Dr. Lo Giudice, a skilled eye care professional, available and kind. I recommend it for everybody who needs reliability and skills in eyecare
Roberto Leto - 17/07/2019
Excellent. I recommend it. I personally took my mother, sister in law and son. It went well with all of them.
Elena Giordano - 05/08/2019
Today I took my child for an exam and I give 5 stars for friendliness, cleanliness, professionality … I recommend it
Gisella Stabile - 19/09/2019
Outstanding center, very professional and competent, warm environment. Dr. Gregorio Lo Giudice, is highly qualified, polite, kind and very personable! He explains perfectly everything he does and can answer any concern you may have......
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Centro Oculistico San Lorenzo
Via Giovan Battista Vaccarini, 1
90143 Palermo PA
P.I. 06589720827
Opening: Mon - Sun  8.30 - 20.30
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